Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years

Well 2012 is finally coming to the end, and what does that mean for us? A new start on new things, new goals to achieve and such. A complete start over.  Just this past week we get a call from our mission office, saying that they had found us a new place to stay and that we had to move on January 3rd. We were quite upset because we didn't want to move out of our apartment that we were staying, we love our land lords they're quite awesome. But they (the mission) said that we had to move out because our landlord's twin boys will be 16 in march and their oldest son will be home from his mission in June, so it was inappropriate for Sister Missionaries to be living there. We completely understand that, but the only thing we don't understand is that why they decided to move us in the middle of the transfer instead at the end, which is in two weeks. But I guess its a new start to a new year. :)

So we went and checked out the new house, its just as nice as the one that we're living in right now. And we are the first people to live in their downstairs apartment, that they just got done building. So that's pretty exciting. We also are now living with an elderly couple just down the street from the Tempanogos Temple.. oh wait we were already living down the street from there. :) So now this week we are going to be packing up and cleaning up our apartment and getting ready to move out. So this will be fun.

I'm just going to say that Me + Snow+ Ice+ Shuffling= A bruised bum! Just this morning as i was walking down the stairs to our apartment to get my wallet, I slipped and fell on the stairs, just adding more bruises to my bottom! Then last night while I was Shuffling (if you don't know what Shuffling is, look up truffle shuffle on youtube) and down i went landing on my elbow, that hurt. My companions laughed, because sometimes I purposely slip and slide on the ice and i say i'm not going to fall, then when i slipp accidently I fall.. >_< so epic.

Then it gets even more epic, we went to little ceaser's to get a pizza, crazy bread and italian cheese bread for our new years party. So we were there at a quarter to 9 and i ordered. We went to the store to get ranch for our pizza. Didn't even think to look at the pizza to make sure that everything was right. So now at home, we're doing our planning and I just wanted to eat my bread sticks, mouth watering and such. So after planning I opened the box to find a Heart Shaped Cheese pizza inside. I was FURIOUS! So freaking mad! (mind you this is at 10 pm now) and I was like We need to go back to little ceasers and get this corrected. I was taking everything that happened to me during the day really well, but when i saw that cheese pizza that blew the top, I had enough and i had to go and correct it. So we go back to little ceasers, past curfew and I walk in (mind you i'm in my footie pajamas) and I'm like, "I was here about an hour ago and I had ordered italian cheese bread and when i opened the box I found this," I opened the box. and the manager's like "We were looking for that, because one of our employees had made it for his girlfriend. We're glad you brought it back. So they gave me my cheese bread. I walked out with a grin on my face, my companions were in the car parked next to the store, and I'm happy as can be. Next thing you know, I'm on the ground. Stupid ice! I officially hate ICE, i don't want to move anywhere that has snow! UGH. My companions start laughing, i myself didn't care if I was hurt, i was more worried about ruining my Cheese bread, went though all that to get it just to have it ruined by the snow. But to my luck the only thing was hurt was my bottom and ankle. I promise you it will never ever happen again!

 Weill Report again next monday!

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