Monday, June 10, 2013

I believe I can Fly...POP

So Friday Night Me and my companion were driving around to go visit some families. And as we were driving there was this little bird that flew onto the road, and it just stood there. Most normal birds just fly away right. Yeah not this one. We had our windows down and then we heard a POP! My companion starts freaking out and pulls over. I get out of the car to look for evidence of this bird on the road, in which there were none. So we go and visit people, and i decided to check the back tires of the car, and sure enough on the back drivers side tire, there was evidence of the bird... Fresh Meat. HAHA. So I texted teh Elders in my district and said "Sister Christiansen killed her first bird with the car, this calls for a celebration at Dairy Keen." So Saturday we went to Dairy Keen and only 2 out of the 4 elders came to lunch. And those two Elders, Tetterton and Galovin, made a card for my companion. It was epic.

Guess who I ran into on Sunday? Elder Kohler who served in our ward in roughly 2002! He knows you and your family, the barkers, the rhames, and possibly my family. We were speaking in a ward here and he was also one of the speaksers and he asked where we were from before church started, and I told him from Florida and he asked where, and I said Crystal River, and he's like I served there in my mission. I saw my first manatee there at a park and I was like Homossassa Springs>? and he's like yeah, I haven't heard that word in such a long time! And So its really cool! Ask your dad or look in your dads missionary book thing and see around what time Elder Kohler was there. He said he replaced Elder Han from Australia.

Monday, June 3, 2013

So much History

 So my companion and I went and helped a family put flowers on graves of their family members. And while at the cemetery the wife showed us a grave of an indian prince, and stones of pioneers who have come to utah, especially to Heber City.  Broadheads, Murdocks and Sweats are a few of the names that founded Heber City. There is SO much history in a cemetery, I kind of want to know who these people were and what they did and what their role was in the foundation of the church.  There were a lot of children buried here.  as well. Here are pictures

This is the Indian Prince Tom Tabby

Tom Tabby- Son of Chief Tabby

One day of 1867, Chief Tabby came into Provo River Valley after the Indian peace Treaty
with his dead son in his arms. As he rode up on his horse, Joseph Stacy Murdock, the Mormon
presiding Bishop, recognized Chief Tabby. After a brief greeting, Chief Tabby said that he was holding
his own dead son, who was killed in an accident while hunting. The Chief knew that Joseph was the religious leader among his people, so he asked that Joseph bury his son in the custom of the Mormons. With a feeling of great sorrow for his friend, Joseph conducted a christian funeral service and buried Tom Tabby under a beautiful pine tree which had been planted several years before by John H. Murdock in the Heber Cemetery. 
   When the final prayer was said Chief Tabby said "my son has been buried in the White Man's Custom, now he will be honors in the indian fashion." A rick of ceder logs was then laid upon the new grave and the boys favorite pony was led up to it, where is throat was cut and the animal was laid upon the pier and the logs were set a fire. As the embers slowly died, chief Tabby got on his horse and rode into the Mountains east of Heber with his braves.

How cool is this?