Monday, February 18, 2013


We just got our transfer calls today! And Guess what, It is my 6th transfer out of 12 or 13... Depends on who you talk to. SO the result of that Transfer Call is, I'm staying in Vernal another 6 weeks! WOO HOO! My companion Sister Quinnelly is opening a New Area on BYU Campus and is training a new sister. I have been so blessed not to have trained yet... Knock on wood... but I don't feel like i'm ready to train yet. Only the best of missionaries Train! I'm not not quite yet the best missionary, I try but still not there.

The snow in Vernal is FINALLY melting... I have been able to see grass and that is the most amzing thing in the whole wide world. I was like I do believe in Grass, I do, I do! It was funny! But the thing is that the weather is still Cold, like in the mid 20's. But what am i going to to say, its the north! But pretty soon spring will be here, in which i'm excited because that means its warm enough to go swimming ... wait, I can't go swimming. dang it!

Still no baptisms from this transfer, but that is ok we have one coming up next week in which i'm super excited because, this little boy really wants to be baptized and have the priesthood so that he can pass the sacrament. The frist time that we met him, he had gone to church for the very first time, and he's like that bread and water tasted so good. I want to be able to pass it one day, but first I have to be baptized. So he's a golden kid.  But all our other investigators moved either out of state or out of our stake... because in Vernal there are 5 stakes, which is crazy, but then again it's Utah. But that is ok, planting seeds. Planting seeds!

I hope all yall had a great valentines day! Me and my companion got a basket full of goodies from one of the families we are working with. No special someone yet... he's busy... haha JUST KIDDING. Anyway it was a great day anyways!

Here are a few more pictures

Some lady gave us Mardis Gras masks!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sicky Icky!

So, This past week and a half I have been trying to recover from a lung infection known as Pneumonia! Yikes... I know it sounds bad, but its not all what it seems. I just had to be put on Antibiotics, an Inhaler and House Arrest! So for the past 4 days or so I have been stuck at home being baby sat by members of the the church. yeah... BORING! And you know what I did with that Time... I took the Bible, and Starting From Adam, I traced down to the Son of Moses. Learned that Moses is a great grandson of Levi the son of Jacob (Israel). And Also it gave me time to write letters to people that I've been meaning to write for a VERY long time.

Our New Apartment/Townhome

The Single Tree Next to our Town home

So True, Enjoy the Journey of the Temple

Our Living Room, Quite Spacious

The Harry Potter Closet, Couldn't get a good picture.

Also Two weeks ago we moved into a new apartment. We were living with a Bishop and His family in Glines 5th ward. But Since our area split and we are no longer covering the Glines Stake, we had to find a new apartment in our area. Yeah, So we moved into a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath town home. All the elders were jealous of course. They're like You have no idea how lucky you are to have such a big home! And We're like Yup! But hey, the Lord loves his sister missionaries... Okay, i'm getting a little prideful, i need to humble myself. Haha. One thing I love about our Town home is that we have a spare 'oom (Narnia) and a Harry Potter Closet.. YUP! A Spare 'oom because we use the master bed room, and one of the other bedrooms as a study room. So we have a Spare 'Oom! how great! :) I'm loving it.