Monday, March 18, 2013

A Baptism and A proposal

 Saturday was the most spiritual felt day, i've had in a long time. One of my investigators who moved into the Elders area was baptized. His journey with the gospel wasn't an easy one, he accepted everything that was taught, that wasn't the problem. Satan worked really hard with him because he so easily accepted the gospel. Everything that could go wrong with him and his life, did. First started with housing situation, which caused him and his fiancee to move out...out of our area. Second was with being put to jail on false charges for tires on his truck.  I felt so bad that all this was happening, but we continued to encourage him to do what was write.  He easily accepted the word of wisdom, and tithing, as a matter of fact he wanted to start paying tithing before he was baptized. I just love this guy.

So at the baptism, his fiancee sang "When we believe" from the Prince of Egypt movie. Brought tears to my eyes. Then as we were baring testimonies, the spirit was instantly there. He even got up and bore his testimony, and it made his Nonmember Mother and and Brothers all cry. His younger brothers all want to be baptized. :)  So here is Cosme Lopez, our golden star.

This is Nadia and Cosme

Me, Nadia, Cosme, Elders Hatch and Asbury

Cosme Lopez

Jordan Caulderon and Cosme

Me, Cosme and Sister Quist

Comse's family, Sister Annie, Brothers Dallas and Dakota
and his mother Wendy.

After the Baptism, we all wen to the temple. Cosme told us all what he was going to do there and not to tell his fiancee Nadia.  We all arrive, taking pictures and such, Nadia still oblivious to everything. Then her mom is like "Cosme, it's time for me to give you your present.  And she pulls out a build-a-bear wearing a suit, holding flowers and a book of mormong. He gave it to Nadia to hold and check out. Her mom is like then "Nadia, squeeze his paws." She tries it but then it doesn't work, and she's like what is is supposed to say? Then Cosme pulls out  a peice of paper and said "this is what is supposed to say." and he reads a proposal  poem.

Needless to say it was adorable. To my future husband, you must be creative too when proposing! The best part is when the fiancee is clueless. :)  Here are some further pcitures


Thursday, March 14, 2013


So lately me and my companion have been playing tag with our District Leader and his companion. This is done to relieve the tension from the hard long work day. Because if we don't relieve our stress, we can go a little crazy. :) So here are some pictures of our amazing fun!

A little suspicious with the Silly String!

We totally Tagged the Elders Door, with the silly string

Full door! :P

Me and my companion after being ninjas!

Now as we were running home from their appartment (since they only live down the street) we saw someone parked down by our house, and then the car left, and drove by us and i was like "Is that the Elders?" Then i watched the car turn around and was like "SNAP ITS THE ELDERS!" We ran for our lives. And they're like what are you doing? Why are you home early? and So on... Then I was like "What the heck were you doing at our house! Yeah Epic Night

March 13, 2013 Elder's Attack...

So last night i was looking for my special pen that was given to me by my old Landlord, and I searched the house for it, and I had a feeling to go look out in the car, and as soon as I opened the house door, i heard some noise like someone was running, and then I hear a car door, and I looked up and here are the elders, taking off! Bwahaha. I run up to tell my companion and we're like Creepers.  Later maybe 10-15 minutes later, I'm writing in my journal and I was thinking, they're going to come back, they're going to. So i get up and looked out the bedroom window and here i see the elders Saran Wrapping our Car!!!! Those Sneaky elders. Then I ran and told my companion and we run down stairs, and I went out the back door to catch them by surprise but that didn't work because my companion turned on the kitchen light...Then We find a note that they wrote saying that we're getting split up that my companion was going to be sent up to Dutch John and i was going to stay in Vernal! Crazys Well here is the result of their attack!

Monday, March 11, 2013


Alrighty to all of my beloved Friends I know some of you prefer to email me, and in the past i was not able to email any of you back. WELL, that has changed. The first presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, have changed that rule, and now i can email all friends and family. Except if they live in the Mission bounderies. Which most of you don't. This makes me extremely happy. But don't think I don't expect letters in the snail mail, I get sad if there is no letter in my mail box, there is a poem/epistle that i need to post on here that I like about Writing Missionaries. ITs amazing. Anyway. This is some exciting news!

Oh one of my investigators that moved out of my stake, into the one next to mine,(being taught now by the elders) is getting baptized this weekend. Its really amazing. I cannot wait for it he's a "Golden" investigator we call them. They just soak up the gospel like a sponge, and not questioning anything. I love those types of people to teach. On Fast Sunday, one of my recent Converts Carolyn Mitchell, got up and bore her testimony in front of the entire congregation for the first time. It was epic, I wish i was there to see it.

The Snow is finally melting away, and i'm super excited for that! :) Because I'm tired of snow, but watch next winter i'd be like Oh my Goodness SNOW! :) haha because I have a feeling that this summer is going to be a killer hot. yeah. Today is my 8th month mark! I'm excited that means I only have 10 months more! Not that i'm counting down, because I'm having the time of my life out here. I would be a missionary all my life if i could. Anyway, that is all from me till somethign cool happens next time.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Landon Parker Leavitt's Baptism

So Landon, is an 11 yr old boy whom me and my last companion sister Quinnelly contacted as we were trying to go see his recent convert sisters! Not knowing that he was not baptized. Well we started teaching him and here he is today... When we first met him he had a girl friend... and he's like I have to break up with her? O_O And then he was struggling with prayer and reading his scriptures. but he sure did love to take the sacrament. :) But Here are his pictures