Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MTC & First Week in Field

So I entered the MTC July 11th, and I can tell you that I was nervous, because I did not know what to expect! But I was led by a host sister to my residence where i dropped off my luggage. My residence was on the top floor and there are NO elevators!! So that was fun, then I was taken to my class room where I met my MTC district, and companion. THere were 6 Elders and 4 Sisters, myself included.
Elder Jensen- Serving Milwaukee, WI from Bountiful, UT
Elder Stephens- Serving Provo, UT from Long Beach, CA
Elder Xiong- Serving Milwaukee, WI from Fresno, CA
Elder Smith- Serving Milwaukee, WI from Delta, UT
Elder Galke- Serving Provo, UT from Panama City, Panama
Elder Bilodeau- Serving Provo, UT from Modesto, CA
Sister Rush- Serving Winnipeg, Canada from Alberta, CA
Sister Waterhouse- Serving Winnipeg, Canada from Alberta, Canada
Sister Ipson- Serving Milwaukee, WI from Centerville, UT
and then me!
During the 3 weeks we were together we developed this really close bond. We did everything together! Sports, study, meals, etc. Shared some really amazing spiritual experiences. I loved my district!! I was able to go to the temple as a district, and that was an amazing experience. My days were 16 hours long, 6 hour class, 1 hour gym time, 45 min breakfast/lunch/dinner, then rest and study time. Monday was P-day, at 6 we had class, Tuesdays we had workshops, and a devotional. Sunday was church, study, temple walk, and devotional.
MTC, to me, felt like a prison, or a school where you cannot leave. Ahh!! Food was okay! but 6 hours of class was a killer!

Week 1 in mission field:
My companion is Sister Uryu, She is from Tokyo, Japan. We are extremely busy! I hate driving in Utah! I love Pride Rock which is the mountain behind the Provo Temple. I don't know what else to say! Love ya all!

Sister Whitney McFarlane