Monday, January 28, 2013

Vernal Utah

Howdy Ya'll!

Welcome to vernal Utah, land of the dinosaurs! So I have experienced the most coldest weather in Utah ever! with most nights in the negatives. So Long Johns, Tights, and 4 pairs of socks have become my best friend. Today, is P-day, and we went and did cross fit with the elders, and that was fun, I nearly died doing just the warm ups. Cross Fit is just super crazy. Then woke up this morning to 4 inches of snow O___O more snow on the way, what can I say.

So last week we went to the Dinosaur museum here in Vernal, and that is really cool, and if it wasn't -100 degrees out side and with out that blanket of snow I would have liked to gone out to the dinosaur quarry. But just so you know my theory on dinosaurs... i don't think that they were ever on the earth. I personally think that Heavenly Father took earth from other planets that has been created and used that to create the earth. He couldn't have made the earth from nothing. So in that earth were the dinosaurs... really i don't know don't care they'r just fascinating.

Sad news, found out on Tuesday last week that my grandpa McFarlane passed away in Corpus Christi Texas. I'm not quite sure of the details, but the elders in my district(s) were very sweet and made me a basket of things, mostly stuffed toy's and a glass mug from Elder Fry.  Haha. And they delivered it to our Apartment the day after I found out about my grandfather's passing. They'r so sweet. Except it wasn't a original idea, because I did it last week of one of the elders, but that doesn't really matter right.

Went to the Vernal Temple for the first time on Thursday, and its such a beautiful temple And then I went again with the Elders on Friday. Elder Aguirre (ah-gee-rey) was on Splits with Elder Hatch, because Elder Hatch's Companion is only a trial missionary for 12 weeks and has not gone through the temple, so Elder Hatch went with Elder Aguirre.  (they're the two that brought the basket over.)  I just love my elders here, they're so Great!
Me and Sister Quinnelly (Quin, nelly)

Elder Aguirre, Elder Hatch, Sister Quinnelly, and Me

Vernal Temple Sign

Yeah, don't ask

Beatuiful Companionship right there!

Yup. Then Elder Guzman, haha he's Elder Aguirre's companion from texas, oh wait they're both from texas. And Last monday Elder Guzman let his companion cut his hair and ended up with a bald spot on the top of his head. It was Super funny. :) there are random dinosaurs around Vernal, in which i'll eventually get pictures of. Going to the FBI office today and will get pictures of that, and this will be fun!
Then some epic moments happened Just this morning..... So this morning we were going to go meet up with the Elders at CrossFit.... Well my companion was cleaning the snow off of the car and tried to get into the car and she's like Sister McFarlane, the Car doors are frozen shut! and I'm like are you serious.  She's like yeah, we need to figure out to get them unfrozen, and call the elders. So i call the elders, and i'm like elders, our car doors are frozen shut we either we can't make it to Crossfit, or someone has to come get us. and in the background I hear "We're coming to save you!" and Elder Aguirre is like we're coming to get you. We hung up. I walk over to the car and tried to open the car doors, and it didn't act like it was un locked. and I'm like Sister Quinnelly, are you sure that you un locked the car? And She's like yeah, but i can try it again. So she un locks the car and i pull the door open... The Car was only Locked!!! So I called the Elders back and said Never Mind we were saved by a miracle. :) Then we tried to drive out of te drive way, but we could not get out of the drive way there was too much snow, so we had to shovel some snow so that we could leave.  Then we couldn't find the crossfit place, and I was half convinced that the lord did not want us there. But eventually we made it.  Later that morning after Cross Fit, we were making breakfast and I was going through our Freezer. And i remembered the Elders got me a bar of ice cream, so i pull it out and opened it to realize that it was just bubbles, no ice cream what so ever.  I felt like an idiot! was like dang it, its just a bottle of bubbles, told the elders and they just laughed. 
Yeah life is going great here in Vernal.!


Sister McFarlane

Monday, January 14, 2013

Transfers 1-16-13

Today, we the missionaries of the Utah-Provo Mission (UPM) recieved our Transfer Calls from the Mission President and this Assistants. President McCune Called us this morning and told me and my companions the results of our transfers. My companion sister wood, is being transferred to my old area back in Orem with Sister Smith. I miss that area and I know that Sister Wood will enjoy it. My other companions sister Mamea is staying in American Fork and she is training a new sister fresh from the MTC. And I your beloved Sister Whitney AnnMarie McFarlane is getting transferred out to Vernal, Utah. Where right now its -3 with a low of -12 tonight. But the rest of the week looks promising with lows above zero. So here in American Fork it's currently 5 degrees and I'm out running around in Sandals and a sweater and jeans, because it's P-day and we felt like going to do emails and then go home. I'm enjoying this warm weather before i go out to Vernal. haha, I'm crazy. But what can you say. Normally i'm wearing layers and I'm still cold when it's 12 degrees out, but now i'm going out somewhere that will barely get that high, i'm going to Freeze to death. haha.

This past weekend we have been having fun in our new apartment. For the first week there, we didn't have a microwave and we were making lemon bars and we forgot to take the butter out to soften it over night. SO me and my loverly companions had to stick the butter in the oven to soften it, and again it melted most of it. haha.

Yeah, and thats my HUGE bowl of Oatmeal too. But this is how we sister missionaries roll when we don't have the proper equipment to bake things. Lemon Bars are the best.
For the past couple of weeks me and my companions were battling the cold bug, and it has been said that Utah has the worst case of the Flu, and I haven't had my flu shot yet, yikes i just pray that i don't get the flu, being down while on the mission is no good, because you then have to figure out who can stay with you while your companion goes out with someone else. But I am so grateful for our American Fork Dad and Mom that we could go back to their house after we've moved out to still get our oil treatments from mom and finally got a blessing from Dad, and after we got the blessing we all felt better the next day, which i'm really grateful. But we still have the lingering Cough, but i'm no longer coughing things up, or waking up with head aches. Which is a great blessing.
Well my friends, his is sister McFarlane signing out for the week!