Monday, January 14, 2013

Transfers 1-16-13

Today, we the missionaries of the Utah-Provo Mission (UPM) recieved our Transfer Calls from the Mission President and this Assistants. President McCune Called us this morning and told me and my companions the results of our transfers. My companion sister wood, is being transferred to my old area back in Orem with Sister Smith. I miss that area and I know that Sister Wood will enjoy it. My other companions sister Mamea is staying in American Fork and she is training a new sister fresh from the MTC. And I your beloved Sister Whitney AnnMarie McFarlane is getting transferred out to Vernal, Utah. Where right now its -3 with a low of -12 tonight. But the rest of the week looks promising with lows above zero. So here in American Fork it's currently 5 degrees and I'm out running around in Sandals and a sweater and jeans, because it's P-day and we felt like going to do emails and then go home. I'm enjoying this warm weather before i go out to Vernal. haha, I'm crazy. But what can you say. Normally i'm wearing layers and I'm still cold when it's 12 degrees out, but now i'm going out somewhere that will barely get that high, i'm going to Freeze to death. haha.

This past weekend we have been having fun in our new apartment. For the first week there, we didn't have a microwave and we were making lemon bars and we forgot to take the butter out to soften it over night. SO me and my loverly companions had to stick the butter in the oven to soften it, and again it melted most of it. haha.

Yeah, and thats my HUGE bowl of Oatmeal too. But this is how we sister missionaries roll when we don't have the proper equipment to bake things. Lemon Bars are the best.
For the past couple of weeks me and my companions were battling the cold bug, and it has been said that Utah has the worst case of the Flu, and I haven't had my flu shot yet, yikes i just pray that i don't get the flu, being down while on the mission is no good, because you then have to figure out who can stay with you while your companion goes out with someone else. But I am so grateful for our American Fork Dad and Mom that we could go back to their house after we've moved out to still get our oil treatments from mom and finally got a blessing from Dad, and after we got the blessing we all felt better the next day, which i'm really grateful. But we still have the lingering Cough, but i'm no longer coughing things up, or waking up with head aches. Which is a great blessing.
Well my friends, his is sister McFarlane signing out for the week!


  1. Oh Whitney! We haven't spoken in ages and I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time on your mission. I must say I'm so proud of you for doing this, especially since we talked about it for such a long time. It feels like so long ago you left and you're still gone but I still miss you like the dickens. I wanted you to know things are going very well for me also, I just experienced my first day of College today. Yay me! And even better, I plan on going into missionary work in a few years! Maybe we'll end up crossing paths at some point :) Miss you so much and glad you're reaching your dreams and goals.


    Emily Stachowiak

    1. Hey Emily. I need your address :) I have so much to write yoU!

  2. IT's 4712 Lynhurst Court, Bakersfield, CA, 93313