Monday, April 22, 2013

Working with the Ward Mission Leader!

I just want to testify that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. My Companion and I on saturday were talking about  going out and working with our ward mission leaders to visit families who they thing could benefit from a visit from the sister missionaries, and the first WML that came into my mind was Brother Bestenlehner of the Maesar 1st ward, so I sent him a text and this is what happened.

Us: Hey, Bro. B. are you available tonight at 8?
Bro B: Sure- who are you teaching?
Us: We were wondering if we could come out with you and go visit some people you think that might need some spiritual upliftment from the sister missionaries? Less-Active, Non-Member or Members who might be going through a hard time. Your choice.
Bro B: Sounda Great!
Us: Awesome, we'll be at your house around 8.

So during the day while Brother Bestenlehner was at work he knelt down in his office and Prayed to know which family we should visit. And a certain family came to his mind. And through out the day, he started thinking about two other families, but again the spirit prompted him to go to the other family. So that night we went to the family, that the Lord Prompted us to go to. To find out that the wife was praying that someone would give her a blessing And she asked how did we know that she needed help. And we told her that we were prompted to come over. So this family is less active and going through a lot of trials. I shared a scripture from the book of mormon with the family about trusting god in our trials. I have know idea where this scripture is, because I tried to find it again to put in a talk that i gave on sunday, and i couldn't find it. So it was a very spiritual night indeed.

 I have a testimony that some of the answers to our prayers are simply through other people, and we just need to recognize that. :)

May 10th is my Ten Month Mark! WOO! Can't wait!

Monday, April 8, 2013

General Conference!

Okay, so how often does a Missionary get so go to general conference? Well in the Utah Provo Mission, The missionaries here get to go twice in their missions. And guess who go to go for the first time ever O_o? Guess. Yup... You got it. It was ME! :D I had the opportunity to attend the Sunday Afternoon Session of General Conferece! *Bounces* I was excited! So me and my temporary companion Sister Alcantar, left our apartment at 9:30 am to be in Heber by 11:45 am and was up in Salt Lake by 12:45 ish. and So we had an hour or so before conference started. So we had lunch, that was packed by our loverly Mission Mom, sister McCune. Then we walked to the Conference Center, President told us that we needed to be carefull of the Protesters, so I was expecting like Tons of them there. And there weren't as many there, there was one that was a Christian Jew, who had taken the missionary discussions from one of our missionaries here in the UPM. And he was saying that Satan and Jesus are not brothers, that Christ created Satan. and The sad thing was that Members were arguing back. I was like Come on, Satan is just tussling up your feathers. And there was another guy who was dressed up like the Devil with a banner sign that said "Hello, I am Satan. And these street preachers are my missionaries." It truely breaks my heart that people do this, that the Advisary has a great hold upon these peoples hearts that they do these things. Because seriously, do they not have anything else better to do than to cause trouble? The worst thing is that they show Temple Clothing. yeah.

So in Conference we were on the left hand side of the building in the front here is a picture so you can see for yourself where we were at

I wish we could have been front and center! But I can't complain because how often do you get to go to conference. 

And this months conference was amazing, on how we need to build a christ centered home. To raise our children to know and follow the ways of the Lord so that we can be built upon a sure foundation, when trials and temptation come our way we will not fall away. We need to be converted. Husbands are to LOVE their wives and wives are to LOVE their husbands. And as husband's and wives they are to LOVE their Children.  We need to be Faithful to our spouses, we need to teach our children right from wrong. It is our responsibility. I cannot wait until the May Ensign comes out so that I can study and mark up the ensign. They are modern day scriputre! 

After conference, we had the opportunity to walk around Temple Square. We went to the Visitor Center, got a picture of the missionaries with the Christus. Then we went to the Tabernacle, really cool place. Then we were going to into the assembly hall but twas locked, i Guess they had some kind of meeting going on there. Then we went into the South Side Visitor's Center and it was amazing! All about Families and how they fit into Heavenly Fathers plan. and There they had the cut out of the Salt Lake City Temple. Pretty Neat. And then we went home.  It felt weird to be out of the mission for that long. But the one thing i was grateful for was that I didn't run into any family members while I was in Salt Lake. Thanks Julie and Family for not being there :P

Then on the Trip. Sister Alcan Tar and I did some sight seeing. Will up date pictures later once I get them from her! :)

Love you all

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dry Fork, Petroglyph and a Dead Deer

So its P-day and what better way to spend it than driving 20+ miles into the middle of nothing trying to find Dry Fork Canyon to end up going the WRONG WAY! We called Sister Leota, and she couldn't remember where it was, then we called Sister Cooley (who is actually a non member)  and she said to keep taking the road we were on, but we were like "yeah, its not this way, so we turned around and called Sister Ercanbrack (Also a Non Member) and we got us in the right direction.
   Now that we're in Dry Fork we see a sign and we pulled over and took pictures, and across the caynon there is an American Flag on top of a mountain, it was HUGE! 15'x25'. here are pictures.

Pretty Amazing right? Well guess what... a girl the day after we went here committed suicide off the cliff!  Anway we got back into the car to drive a little further and here we find an amazing view area, so we pulle dover. We got out and started walking around and we found a trail along the side of the mountain. We followed it a ways and then I climbed on some rocks and i found Petroglyphs.  They're so cool. What are Petroglyphs? They're rock carvings made by native american's many many years ago. And along with these amazing beautiful art work, people added graffiti destroying the beauty of the scene. Enjoy the petroglyphs.

Another really cool thing about this place has to do with sounds! So my companion was on one side of the trail and I was on the other, and when we talked to each other we had no problem hearing heach other. It was way cool. This happens because the sound revirbarates off the wall of the rock we were by, so the sound carries. But if you were in an open field with nothing for the sound to bounce off it "carries away in the wind" wicked cool.
    As I was trying to show Sister Quist something and there I find this container. And I was like What the Heck.?! So I opened it and there i find a GeoCache. Never seen one of these things before in my life. So what is Geocaching? Its a hidden object that is strategiclly placed, you have to have a GPS to do this. I don't know much more but the website you tell you more. Apparently there are tons in Vernal. This one we found was left in November 2004! It was really cool. One rule is if you take something out of the container, you  must put something in to replace it. So Sister Quist took a dinosaur finger puppet and we left a "key to our heart". These things are cool must check more into it.

Now its the end of our p-day. We enjoyed Heavenly Fathers Creation, and the art work of the native americans. Its time to head home, shower and get ready for our one appointment for the night. I was heading back to the car and there were some birds on the ground making noise and i went to go check ito ut and then i'm like "OH MY GOSH THATS GROSS!"

A half eaten deer. Yup! :) Here are more pictures of heavenly fathers creation