Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Picks from the Mission

Shoveling The Snow

Shayliah Lassen's Baptism

Serge Katawalabala's Baptism, he's from Congo

Brayden Hurt's Baptism

Damage from Hitting the Fire Hydrant

Jeremy Jordan's Baptism

Louis Johnson's Baptism

Kallie Terry's Baptism

Aaron Serine's Baptism

Mike Jones' baptism, we had to throw this together last minute
He's from texas and watned to be baptized by his future father in law
so he comes to Utah and we had to put it together.

Carolyn Mitchell's baptism, 79 Years old

Adrian Beltran's Baptism

Aidan Smith's baptism

Nathe Lovetts baptism taught him in 2 weeks
Me and Sister Barrera, she's from Houston Texas

This is what happenes when you leave your camera laying round with
a room full of Elders >__<


Brother Gifford, the highlight of Christmas!

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  1. Great pictures, Sister MacFarlane. So great to see the wonderful work you are doing.