Monday, July 22, 2013

People from the mission

Alright, so I've decided that it was about time to share some pictures of some of the people that I've been working with on my mission. First off they're not your typical people you'd think that they'd be interested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To be honest, I didn't think so either until I really got to know them, and their concerns and helped them come unto the Savior.  They have a smile on their faces now every time that we come over, there is a gleam in their eye that show that they have accepted Jesus Christ into their lives.

First is Jerome Black. He come from the deep bayous of southern Louisiana. And I must confess that his Crawdad Gumbo is to DIE for. When he was a child, he and his older brother were Crawdad fishin' for dinner one night, when he was bit by some type of bug on his hand, it was really gross, he showed pictures. And by the time they got to the hospital, it was too late, his hand had to be amputated.  So he's my first amputee that I've taught.  His family is a God Fearin' Family, they attended the Baptist Church that was started by his great great grandfather, but as he got older to start making his own decisions, he stopped going to church and moved to Switzerland to be a goat farmer. Go figure. He was there for about five years before the owner of the Goat farm went bankrupt and lost his farm. So with no job, Jerome moved to Springville in search of a better job.  But his search hasn't gone so well, and is now working at a fast food restaurant. We met him  while he was working and we were there for lunch, he started asking us questions about the church, and now he's on date for the end of August.

Next is Elizabeth Newbury. She is a native to Privet Drive in Surrey England. Her grandparents were coverts to the church, and her parents were born and raised in the church, essentially Elizabeth was baptized when she was 8. But when she got old enough to make her own decisions she stopped going to church. Then last June she and her active family moved to Springville to be closer to Zion per se. Her parents invited us over for dinner one sunday and we started talking to Elizabeth to see if she'd be interested in meeting with us so we could help her coming back and help her get to the temple. She does have a smoking problem but I think it will be easy for her to give it up since she picked it up 3 years ago. So as of right now, she comes once a month, but once she gains a testimony of these things she'll be more stable in church.

This is Billy The Goat, he was referred to us by Jerome. He too came to Springville from Switzerland, to find a better goat life. We have only met with him once, because he is really hard to get a hold of. Because he's at so many different farms partying it up with other goats, so he's usually pretty wasted when we stop by.

Then Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning to this person in your room everyday!

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