Monday, July 15, 2013

7-11 Day

So this week happened to be the greatest week for two special reasons.

First: 7-11 Day had finally come again! What is 7-11 Day you ask? Well sit right there and read a bit further. So this day only comes once a year and it always falls on July 11th. On this fantastic day the Gas Station/Corner Store so proudly named 7 Eleven gives away a FREE SMALL SLURPEE! With those who are not familiar with 7 Eleven and their slurpees, they're also known as slushies at other corner stores. So me and my companion go to the only 7 Eleven store in our area and grabbed us a slurpee! Brain Freeze anyone?! The day of free slurpees started at 11:00 am and ended at 7:00 pm on July 11th. Good thing we grabbed one because it was a hot day here in Springville Utah.  And then it rained all night. Amazing. Then i was on exchanges with the spanish sisters and we tried to hit up another 7 Eleven in their area, but the line was super long so we left and went to Sonic instead and got Happy Hour Drinks only for $1.29. Who can beat that? Well besides 7 Eleven on 7-11 day! But sonic has happy hour everyday! :)

Second: At 1:00 pm July 11, 2012 I Whitney McFarlane, said good bye to my Aunt Julie as two Elders at the MTC took my luggage out of the car and walked down the hall with them. This was the day I began my journey to be a Servant of the Lord! And now its July 11, 2013, I've gone a whole year already, a year of happiness, a year of refinement, a year of stress, a year of working my tail off, being a servant of the Lord.  I have seen peoples lives change as the grasped the Gospel, feasted upon the words of Christ, Repented of their sins and were baptized for the remission of their sins. In the  year I have been out i have served in five areas.

1. Orem Sunpark: I covered two stakes here. Sunset Heights and Park Stake. With 10 baptisms. Since I've left the southern half of the sunset heights stake broke off and became a new stake. The sisters there now cover 3 stakes adding the Vineyard Stake. But still covers the same amount of area. I was there for 18 weeks.

2. American Fork East: I covered three stakes here. American Fork, American Fork Central and American Fork East. With 3 baptisms. I enjoyed Christmas here with my two companions. Woke up to my stuffed dog hanging from the celing fan. Great Snow ball fights with the Land Lords kids. Even took one to the head. I was here for 6 Weeks.

3. Vernal- I only covered one stake here. The Vernal Stake. With 3 Baptisms. There are a total of Five stakes in Vernal and each of the stakes had their own set of missionaries. The weather during the winter is horrid and the snow is deep. But once the Snow melted it was a lot of fun hiking McConkie Ranch. I was here for 18 weeks

4. Heber City East- I covered two stakes here. The Heber North and Heber East Stakes. With 3 baptisms. Beautiful Place, a lot of farms with horses. Hiked the wasatch mountain stake park, twice. Loved Dairy Keen Shakes. Heber is the home of my True name... Sister Mac-n-Cheese. I was here for 6 weeks.

5. Springville Kolob: I cover 3 stakes here. Kolob, Hobble Creek, and Hobble Creek West. Have had 2 baptisms thus far. With 3 lined up for this weekend. Making a total of 5 this transfer. Then we have one lined up for Next transfer. 6 Baptisms ya'll. Thats exciting. We opened this area for sisters, the elders were here before us. And our theme song is "If you could hie to Kolob"!

So in 6 months i'll be stepping off the plane in Orlando Florida. can't wait to see all ya'll and hope ya'll are doing great!

Love Sister McFarlane

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