Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July

I do hope all ya'll had a great 4th of July celebrating the birth of our nation. I am grateful that the Lord has Prepared and preserved this lad so he can bring forth his righteous purposes. It has been prophesied in the book of mormon that this land has been consecrated by God, that whosoever comes to this country shall serve God.  That this nation will be a free nation with no Kings or rulers . I know that it was through God's will that the founding fathers and the patriots were able to win the revolutionary war so that this nation could be free. And because of the freedom we have it opened the gate for the Restoration of Christ Church back on the earth. Everything is done according to gods will.

For the beautiful 4th of July, all 217 full time missionaries were in the Provo 4th of july parade. In which we walked  from the Provo high School down to 900 e about a two mile walk. The missionaries in the UPM were the stars of the parade! For those who are my friends and were in Provo that day. I apologize I did not see you!  But it was good to see previous companions, and Sisters and Elders from areas i've served.

Elders Poulsen, Bilodeau, Galke, Stephens, and ME!
One Year Mark!

Me and Sister Lolofie

Me and Sister Cadiente from the same stake WHOO

Our Mission Banner


Me and Sister Wood

President and Sister McCune

I lived across from this High School


Later that evening we had a district Activity also know as District Confinement. As as district we had to stay inside a chapel from 5-9 pm and we watched how to train a dragon, approved by the mission president.  After the movie we played games, which i won 3 out of the 4 rounds In my District there is me, and my companion sister Lyle. The spanish sisters Hermanas Hernandez and Montanares, and the Elders Bradford and Anderson. It was fun. :)

after eating Norwegian Pancakes with Norwegian Nutella

Our District playing in the dark!

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