Monday, April 1, 2013

Dry Fork, Petroglyph and a Dead Deer

So its P-day and what better way to spend it than driving 20+ miles into the middle of nothing trying to find Dry Fork Canyon to end up going the WRONG WAY! We called Sister Leota, and she couldn't remember where it was, then we called Sister Cooley (who is actually a non member)  and she said to keep taking the road we were on, but we were like "yeah, its not this way, so we turned around and called Sister Ercanbrack (Also a Non Member) and we got us in the right direction.
   Now that we're in Dry Fork we see a sign and we pulled over and took pictures, and across the caynon there is an American Flag on top of a mountain, it was HUGE! 15'x25'. here are pictures.

Pretty Amazing right? Well guess what... a girl the day after we went here committed suicide off the cliff!  Anway we got back into the car to drive a little further and here we find an amazing view area, so we pulle dover. We got out and started walking around and we found a trail along the side of the mountain. We followed it a ways and then I climbed on some rocks and i found Petroglyphs.  They're so cool. What are Petroglyphs? They're rock carvings made by native american's many many years ago. And along with these amazing beautiful art work, people added graffiti destroying the beauty of the scene. Enjoy the petroglyphs.

Another really cool thing about this place has to do with sounds! So my companion was on one side of the trail and I was on the other, and when we talked to each other we had no problem hearing heach other. It was way cool. This happens because the sound revirbarates off the wall of the rock we were by, so the sound carries. But if you were in an open field with nothing for the sound to bounce off it "carries away in the wind" wicked cool.
    As I was trying to show Sister Quist something and there I find this container. And I was like What the Heck.?! So I opened it and there i find a GeoCache. Never seen one of these things before in my life. So what is Geocaching? Its a hidden object that is strategiclly placed, you have to have a GPS to do this. I don't know much more but the website you tell you more. Apparently there are tons in Vernal. This one we found was left in November 2004! It was really cool. One rule is if you take something out of the container, you  must put something in to replace it. So Sister Quist took a dinosaur finger puppet and we left a "key to our heart". These things are cool must check more into it.

Now its the end of our p-day. We enjoyed Heavenly Fathers Creation, and the art work of the native americans. Its time to head home, shower and get ready for our one appointment for the night. I was heading back to the car and there were some birds on the ground making noise and i went to go check ito ut and then i'm like "OH MY GOSH THATS GROSS!"

A half eaten deer. Yup! :) Here are more pictures of heavenly fathers creation

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  1. I am so glad that I found your blog! I've missed seeing you! I hope to see you soon! Hey, sister Quist said that I could get her fb info from you, could you possibly bring it by?