Monday, March 18, 2013

A Baptism and A proposal

 Saturday was the most spiritual felt day, i've had in a long time. One of my investigators who moved into the Elders area was baptized. His journey with the gospel wasn't an easy one, he accepted everything that was taught, that wasn't the problem. Satan worked really hard with him because he so easily accepted the gospel. Everything that could go wrong with him and his life, did. First started with housing situation, which caused him and his fiancee to move out...out of our area. Second was with being put to jail on false charges for tires on his truck.  I felt so bad that all this was happening, but we continued to encourage him to do what was write.  He easily accepted the word of wisdom, and tithing, as a matter of fact he wanted to start paying tithing before he was baptized. I just love this guy.

So at the baptism, his fiancee sang "When we believe" from the Prince of Egypt movie. Brought tears to my eyes. Then as we were baring testimonies, the spirit was instantly there. He even got up and bore his testimony, and it made his Nonmember Mother and and Brothers all cry. His younger brothers all want to be baptized. :)  So here is Cosme Lopez, our golden star.

This is Nadia and Cosme

Me, Nadia, Cosme, Elders Hatch and Asbury

Cosme Lopez

Jordan Caulderon and Cosme

Me, Cosme and Sister Quist

Comse's family, Sister Annie, Brothers Dallas and Dakota
and his mother Wendy.

After the Baptism, we all wen to the temple. Cosme told us all what he was going to do there and not to tell his fiancee Nadia.  We all arrive, taking pictures and such, Nadia still oblivious to everything. Then her mom is like "Cosme, it's time for me to give you your present.  And she pulls out a build-a-bear wearing a suit, holding flowers and a book of mormong. He gave it to Nadia to hold and check out. Her mom is like then "Nadia, squeeze his paws." She tries it but then it doesn't work, and she's like what is is supposed to say? Then Cosme pulls out  a peice of paper and said "this is what is supposed to say." and he reads a proposal  poem.

Needless to say it was adorable. To my future husband, you must be creative too when proposing! The best part is when the fiancee is clueless. :)  Here are some further pcitures



  1. What a great story and experience for all of you!! God Bless you!! We love you Whitney!! Love,
    Shelly and Mike Ferdon

  2. Hey Whitney, I know you wrote me a letter WEEKS ago and I wrote you a letter the very day I got yours which happened to be Valentine's day and I just haven't been able to get stamps to send you it which is kind of sad since it's been almost two months since I got your first letter, hopefully I can get some stamps soon, so happy to hear how things are going and congratulations to the happy couple.

    1. Em's its ok... take your time, I'll still be here in utah for another 9 months :)