Monday, April 22, 2013

Working with the Ward Mission Leader!

I just want to testify that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. My Companion and I on saturday were talking about  going out and working with our ward mission leaders to visit families who they thing could benefit from a visit from the sister missionaries, and the first WML that came into my mind was Brother Bestenlehner of the Maesar 1st ward, so I sent him a text and this is what happened.

Us: Hey, Bro. B. are you available tonight at 8?
Bro B: Sure- who are you teaching?
Us: We were wondering if we could come out with you and go visit some people you think that might need some spiritual upliftment from the sister missionaries? Less-Active, Non-Member or Members who might be going through a hard time. Your choice.
Bro B: Sounda Great!
Us: Awesome, we'll be at your house around 8.

So during the day while Brother Bestenlehner was at work he knelt down in his office and Prayed to know which family we should visit. And a certain family came to his mind. And through out the day, he started thinking about two other families, but again the spirit prompted him to go to the other family. So that night we went to the family, that the Lord Prompted us to go to. To find out that the wife was praying that someone would give her a blessing And she asked how did we know that she needed help. And we told her that we were prompted to come over. So this family is less active and going through a lot of trials. I shared a scripture from the book of mormon with the family about trusting god in our trials. I have know idea where this scripture is, because I tried to find it again to put in a talk that i gave on sunday, and i couldn't find it. So it was a very spiritual night indeed.

 I have a testimony that some of the answers to our prayers are simply through other people, and we just need to recognize that. :)

May 10th is my Ten Month Mark! WOO! Can't wait!

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