Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MTC & First Week in Field

So I entered the MTC July 11th, and I can tell you that I was nervous, because I did not know what to expect! But I was led by a host sister to my residence where i dropped off my luggage. My residence was on the top floor and there are NO elevators!! So that was fun, then I was taken to my class room where I met my MTC district, and companion. THere were 6 Elders and 4 Sisters, myself included.
Elder Jensen- Serving Milwaukee, WI from Bountiful, UT
Elder Stephens- Serving Provo, UT from Long Beach, CA
Elder Xiong- Serving Milwaukee, WI from Fresno, CA
Elder Smith- Serving Milwaukee, WI from Delta, UT
Elder Galke- Serving Provo, UT from Panama City, Panama
Elder Bilodeau- Serving Provo, UT from Modesto, CA
Sister Rush- Serving Winnipeg, Canada from Alberta, CA
Sister Waterhouse- Serving Winnipeg, Canada from Alberta, Canada
Sister Ipson- Serving Milwaukee, WI from Centerville, UT
and then me!
During the 3 weeks we were together we developed this really close bond. We did everything together! Sports, study, meals, etc. Shared some really amazing spiritual experiences. I loved my district!! I was able to go to the temple as a district, and that was an amazing experience. My days were 16 hours long, 6 hour class, 1 hour gym time, 45 min breakfast/lunch/dinner, then rest and study time. Monday was P-day, at 6 we had class, Tuesdays we had workshops, and a devotional. Sunday was church, study, temple walk, and devotional.
MTC, to me, felt like a prison, or a school where you cannot leave. Ahh!! Food was okay! but 6 hours of class was a killer!

Week 1 in mission field:
My companion is Sister Uryu, She is from Tokyo, Japan. We are extremely busy! I hate driving in Utah! I love Pride Rock which is the mountain behind the Provo Temple. I don't know what else to say! Love ya all!

Sister Whitney McFarlane

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  1. Whoohoo! Whitney! You made it! Congratulations on the incredible journey you're taking- a true blessing. :)

    How are you getting along with your studies? I'm sure you are breezing through them. :)

    What floor IS your room on? :D Think of it as a nice exercise routine with every step you take.

    Why was it an amazing experience to go to Temple as a district?

    Why don't you like driving in Utah? Aren't there enough people and cars for you to crash into? LOL!

    You certainly are kept busy. That's good...idle hands and all that.

    You're in a beautiful place. Hopefully, you'll get a chance to check things out. Have fun! Learn lots!