Monday, July 2, 2012

Packing Day

As I sit here today unpacking and repacking making sure that things all fit into my two suit cases; I start to think of all the people I would love to pack in my suit cases and bring a long with me. But seeing all the things that I have to pack, there is no way I can pack you, so I have to make room in my heart and bring you that way.  I'm really excited to go, and I'm sure that this week that I'm going to spend with my family in Utah before I report to the MTC is going to be a blast and will help me get over the fact that I'm leaving a lot of fantastic people in the world behind, though one will be in the MTC shortly after me. He'll be in Provo for 2.5 months while at the MTC learning Spanish. So you can say "so close yet so far away". And he won't be there until October. But till then we'll be over 2,000 miles apart, and after he goes to California we'll be 631 miles apart.

I will be living out of these two suit cases for a year and a half, transferring to different wards through out my missions. Just the seven pairs of clothing, two pairs of shoes and simple necessary things I need for everyday living. It is such a sacrifice to give up everything in every day life to go and serve the Lord, in gathering the tribe's of Israel. To going from staying up all night on the computer, sleeping in till noon, watching movies, hanging out with friends and doing what ever you wanted to no communications to family and friends except for once a week on p-day, no movies, no music, bed time curfews and rising very early. Its going to be a hassle for me, but you know what, its going to be totally worth it!

Tomorrow is my interview with the Stake President, then Wednesday is when I become a missionary, and Thursday I fly out to Utah! :)

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